Private and Warded

I don't know what's more depressing, that people like Zack Usher exist? Or that there are actually women out there that will fall for him?

I weep for humanity.
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Locked to Teachers

Potions is by far the most interesting class. Transfiguration and Defense follow closely. I would like it if they introduced a hexing class. People are going to hex anyway, so they might as well learn to do it properly.

I was able to sneak into the corded off section of the library and borrow a book. I think I'll have some fun with this for the rest of the week.

I'm still a bit disappointed with last week. I wanted to make a good impression to certain people, but it never happened. It's all because of my idiot-

-well enough of that. I've got reading to do.
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Private and warded against everyone

Thus far I am very unimpressed by this school.

I had been led to believe that Hogwarts was a breeding ground for many powerful and intelligent witches and wizards. Apparently Hogwarts best years were during the 40's.

My House allows half-wits like my sister to join, but that's not bad enough. We have an imbecile of a lecher that should have been sorted to Hufflepuff, an nincompoop of a witch that enjoys flirting with teachers, and a witch who apparently can't go twenty-four hours without bursting into tears. This House is full of fools and their superficial smiles. The only one I'm slightly impressed with is Turpin, but I'm sure she's a bitch.

Then there's Slytherin, a House woefully filled to the brim with idiots of every size and shape. Unlike the Hufflepuffs, who know they're morons, these wizards and witches seem to think that they're not nigh-retarded. As if their in-bred blood status renders them immune to the effects of numbskullery. How tiring.

Thus far the only House that's offended me the least is Gryffindor. What a sad state of affairs that is. It's probably because they don't make as much noise...except for the Weasleys moping about like they've been kicked in the gut, and flirting-not-flirting fiasco that's Lavender Brown and Seamus Finnigan.

I'm not impressed with the Professor's either. Except for perhaps McGonagall and Snape, they all seem woefully inept at their arts. I can hardly believe that Tonks is an actual Auror. And don't get me started with the mudblood that's continuously making a clown out of himself. I'm glad Muggle Studies isn't in my course list.

All in all I'm very disappointed. Thank goodness there is at least some magic to be learned. Otherwise I'd leave. I could probably learn better on my own anyway.
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The textbooks are lame

The textbooks they've got us reading here are pretty thin. I can't read another mindless word of Quentin Trimble without going mad. I wonder if there's a way to get into the corded-off section of the library...
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(no subject)

I found this journal in my room when I unpacked. It was just sitting here. Guess I should try it out, it could be interesting.

First things first, don't mention my sister to me. She's a loser. I'm barely her brother, and she's barely coherent.

Looks like I've quite a bit of reading to do...
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